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Introduction to the course

Why Us?

Course creator Dr. David Light’s story: “In 1982 I graduated from NYU College of Dentistry. In 1984 I had a tennis accident that pretty much crippled me in my lower back. I went to many specialists in the field: orthopedic surgeons, a psychologist, and a few chiropractors. All of them told me the same thing: I needed surgery,  I had herniated disks – not one but three. The surgeons also said, even after surgery, which was risky, I would not be able to get back on the tennis court again and would only be able to work, at best, part-time. I remember sprinting out from the last surgeon’s consultation room to Barnes and Nobles, pulling every book off the shelf that talked about healing back pain. Each author had a different method. One discussed nutrition, others advocated exercises – specific ones for your back. A few discussed the “emotional states” that causes the pain to linger on or prevent healing. There had to be a simpler solution. I realized all their methods had a common denominator that was initiated by THE BRAIN. I went on to study Neuroscience and found MY SOLUTION in a short time. This simple understanding not only eliminated the pain in my lower back but enabled me to go back to work full time and till this day, I play tennis and workout daily. I then went on to study TMJ and Head & Neck Orthopedics, which expanded my scope of practice. I began testing my discovery with my patients and clients, with great success. This same discovery, I would like to share with you here, in this course.”


TMJ Head & Neck Orthopedics Practitioner
Self-healing Pain-Free Facilitator

I’m a dentist and I’ve had lower back pain for quite a few years. This chronic condition really does inhibit me from going out and running or doing some of the sports and activities I enjoy doing. I’ve looked at a variety of ways of resolving it but none has been successful.

I was talking to my friend Dr. Light the other day and he said “Dennis let me send you this digital program I just created and see what you think”. So I received the program from him the next day and I took a look at it. He’s done a lot of research, it’s very easy to follow. He dives into the lower back pain and the root of the problem, and provides an amazingly simple solution. I followed his teachings and my back pain has virtually gone away. I really recommend this for anyone who suffers from chronic lower back pain. In The medical field and dental field or of course just normal life. People get injured all the time playing sports or doing things around the house. So I do recommend this course and I think people will find it easy to follow and will have amazing results from it.
Dr. Ferrar

Why Does It Work?

Our Unique Approach

The solution is usually simple, but only once you’re headed down the right path.

  • This course is going to teach you the truth about your chronic back pain
  • The “true source” of your pain is much simpler than you’ve been told. The first 30 minutes leads you to the “true source” of your pain
  • Once you understand the truth about your pain the “solution” is simple. The second 30 minutes reveals your “solution”

Buy the course now for $197 $97

Some Common Questions We Get Asked



Who is this course for, and what can it do for me?

The course “The Truth – ABOUT BACK PAIN -Shall Set You Free” is for anyone who is living in chronic pain whether it’s daily or pain that comes with “certain moves”. As a result, they’re not living the life they were meant to live.

Whether you are someone who:

  • Is taking medication which we all know the effects of long term pain meds. Or maybe you’re going to chiropractor or physical therapist long-term without an end in sight.
  • Has a family member or someone close who could benefit from being pain free.
  • Or simply, if you are experiencing stiffness or “referred” pain associated with chronic lower back pain, like sciatica.

… This course is for you!

How does this course work?

The first part of the course is designed to explain, step-by-step, the true source of your pain. By understanding the mechanism that goes on within us you’ll have the tools, the knowledge and the understanding, quite frankly for the very first time.

Once you have that knowledge in a very short time, usually in 1 sitting, the second half of the course will guide you, step-by-step so your own body will “take over “ and actually release the pain. Like learning to ride a bike or drive a car- once you “get it”, you own it for life.

I’ve already tried yoga, meditation and all types of different therapies. How is this course different?

This course will allow you for the first time to get back in control of your body. You won’t need to change habits, behaviors or go for outside help! It’s a great feeling to know your in charge of your body again.

Once you’re feeling pain free again, you will have a tremendous weight lifted and your energy and focusing abilities will allow you to accomplish everything you could not achieve while chronic pain was slowing you down.

Will I still have access to the videos, once the course is over?

Absolutely. Once you own the course, you’re free to revisit different portions and brush up on the information as often as you like.

If you used to lead an active lifestyle (running, playing sports or taking long walks on the beach), revisiting the course will not only add to your pain-free life, it will also teach you the tools you need to get stronger physically.

My schedule is uncertain, can I complete the course at my own pace?

The beauty of this course is that it is short and simple. The course is designed so that you hear the first half on day one, then finish the second half the next day. Most go thru the course in just 2 sittings. Take your time and start it in a quiet place and you’ll get through the course in 1 or 2 sittings.

How much is freedom of pain in your back worth to you?

Patients that come to our centers for our one-on-one program with our practitioners end up paying $2,400

It’s time to ask yourself…

  • How has your life slowed down as a result of your back pain?
  • What would you be able to do again, if your back pain was gone permanently?
  • Wouldn’t a solution be a better remedy than recurring chiropractic visits?

I have suffered from chronic lower back pain ever since I had a work accident in 2014. For 7 years I tried every single program and remedy I heard of, to help my back pain. From traditional options like chiropractors and physical therapy to natural remedies and alternative medicine – nothing worked to give me relief and help me live the pain-free life I was seeking. 

When I discovered Dr. Light’s course and saw that it could heal my back pain in 60 minutes, I knew I had to give it a try. It was unbelievable because it actually worked. I learned why I was having the pain and I also learned how to get rid of it. It was life-changing for me. 

If you are living with chronic back pain and want to learn how to self-heal, give it a try. It is 60 minutes you will not regret!



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